Fixedsys: Description

These pages are devoted to the (in)famous "Fixedsys" font. Some time ago I needed a true-type-version of this font.

During my search I stumbled on Markus Gebhard's homepage, where he offered not only the rather cool ASCII-Art editor JavE but also a fixedsys.ttf download. Markus found this font on the net, and he has expanded it with some characters that he considered to be very important.

Travis Owens is the author of the first version.

Because I required all characters that were previously available in the .fon variant I completed the missing characters. A Euro symbol has also been added.

I am a novice when it comes to designing this font. If it works for you, enjoy it. If you have a problem then don't hesitate to let me know, but I can't guarantee that I can help.